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How I used visualisation to create my dream career mind spirit Jan 21, 2022

Ever wanted to start visualisation, but you weren't sure how?

Or maybe you started, but you weren't so successful. 

Visualisation is becoming more widely recognised and used as a key tool for peak performance. 

Watch this video to learn science-backed strategies...

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How to use ABC to develop a gratitude journaling habit mind Jan 14, 2022

Ever wanted to develop a journaling habit?

3 Strategies To Build Your Gratitude Habit

1. Anchor it, don't schedule it

2. You don't have to have hours to start, but you have to start to gain hours

3. Reward is not optional; it's essential

Enjoy taking a deeper dive into the video!

I look...

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How to overcome anxiety using self-compassion mind Jan 07, 2022

A client recently asked me "How do I get rid of this anxiety? This heavy feeling on my chest?"

Self-compassion is the answer. It's the missing ingredient in so many of our lives. 

Watch this video to learn about the cycle of anxiety, the core components of ...

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How to keep the main thing the main thing mind work Jan 01, 2022

A scarcity of attention is the new epidemic. 

So many of us struggle to stay focused on what truly matters and to have the skill of emotional regulation. 

I find this subject fascinating as it's one area I continuously work on. I know my next level will only come from a more precise...

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Why we procrastinate important decisions mind spirit work Dec 03, 2021

Ever find yourself struggling to make important decisions?

Did you wonder why?

Watch this video to hear what we can learn from Steven Bartlett, understand the psychological principles behind why we delay important decisions and learn a framework to help you ...

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How to bounce back from illness body mind Oct 29, 2021


Do struggle to bounce back quickly from illness?

Maybe you caught a cold, a gut bug or a flu-like illness, and it took you longer than usual to recover. 

Watch this video to discover the connection between our immune system and mind, the significance of delta...

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Why we don't have enough time to reach our goals mind work Oct 22, 2021

Do you ever feel like you never have enough time to reach your goals?

You are not alone. 

There is science behind that too. 

Intentional Actions

Short-term essential goal setting strategies

Mantra... double the time or half the goal

 1.  Past performance

Always look...

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3 Steps To Patience mind relationships spirit Oct 15, 2021

Ever lose your temper too often or become impatient in the moments that matter most?

Well, you are not alone. 

In a world where impatience is endemic, you will stand out when you build the skill of patience. 

Watch this video to understand the root cause of ...

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Why everyone isn't a morning person body mind Oct 08, 2021

So you hear the alarm go off, and you hit snooze for the third time. 

You stumble out of bed and, in a stupor, reach for some coffee and head off to work. 

To your dismay, your colleague is perky and full of life in the morning. 

Why is it that some of us are vibrant first thing...

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How to manage frustration mind Oct 01, 2021

Ever find yourself getting frustrated at the little things?

And it causes you to stop focusing on your goal, or worse, it affects your personal life.

Watch this video to understand the neurobiology of frustration and three strategies to help you dissolve your frustration. 


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The 3 Keys To Consistency mind work Sep 24, 2021

Do you struggle to be consistent in the things that matter most?

Wouldn't it be nice if we could understand the science of how to be more consistent?

Watch this video to improve your self-control and discipline.

You will get 3 science-backed...

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Why it's hard to focus in today's world mind work Sep 17, 2021

Ever struggle with shiny object syndrome?

Do you ever get excited about doing that next project but find it steals away from your focus?

Watch this video to learn a holistic approach to focussing, a simple rule to help you say no and what the Linkedin CEO...

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