3 Rules for Timelessness

mind relationships work Nov 04, 2023


As a CEO I frequently seem to be stressed about time and I never seem to have enough space to reset. How can compassion help?

Mindlessness blocks timelessness. 

Keep reading for 3 rules to create more time freedom in the now, without needing to make big changes to your routine. 



This week, a high-performing CEO client reached out. They were feeling frustrated, stressed and tense, running from meeting to meeting without space. 


They were struggling to sleep, to make clear decisions and, when they got home at night, they had nothing left in the tank for their partner. 


They wanted to greet their partner with “puppy-like energy” but a lack of time and energy was holding them back. 




Here are the 3 time-creating rules.


1. 23 Minute Rule

In a famous study from the University of California, Irvine found that 1 interruption causes 23 minutes of disruption. Self-compassion improves attention control, thereby reducing distractions, saving time and creating space. 



2. Kind, Not Nice Rule


Nice is about the short term and kindness is about the long term. Compassion promotes love-based actions and reduces cortisol when we are stressed, thereby not perpetuating the cycle. 


Some examples of love-based actions over fear-based actions, to use when you are stressed:


- Instead of doom scrolling, practice a loving-kindness visualisation.


- Instead of eating some sugar, engage in moving your body to release endorphins.


- Instead of complaining, use a journaling practice to calm your nerves.



3. Memory Recall Rule


Picture yourself sitting at your desk to work, but every 5 to 10 minutes having to look something up instead of seamlessly remembering your intentions. 


Compassion practice will increase your working memory through full brain synchronisation and stimulation. 


This leads to faster, more aligned decision making - a key skill for entrepreneurs. 





What resonated with you from these rules? Get in touch to let me know.


With love,



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