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3 Lessons That Helped Me Go From Distracted to Focused mind work Mar 31, 2023

"If you don't master your environment, it masters you."

I remember in 2021, sitting at my desk in the infancy of setting up this business, and my mind being like a reactive pinball.

I was reactive and didn't have a process for focused work. This was until I learnt from great teachers like...

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How to Help Your Loved Ones Feel Less Isolated mind relationships work Mar 24, 2023

“Connection is the key to fulfilment.”


“Loneliness is not just the physical absence of people, it is the sense you are not sharing anything meaningful with anyone else.” Johann Hari

This is why it's so vital to learn the skill of deep connection.

To listen for...

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3 Transformational Questions to Reveal Your True Passion and Purpose mind spirit work Mar 10, 2023

You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards." Steve Jobs

Recently, I was working with a client who knew they had a deeper purpose lying dormant deep within them. They knew they had more to give.

They felt burnout, frustrated and trapped in their...

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1 Equation That Reveals the Cause of Your Stress mind spirit work Mar 03, 2023

 Today is a celebration because it is our 100th Believe In Growth Video Newsletter!

To celebrate, I am revamping a favourite episode for you guys with fresh stories whilst staying true to the original concept.



What if you could understand why your heart is thumping faster, your...

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I Am Not the Coach for You mind transformation work Feb 28, 2023


I have a confession to make - I haven't been serving you with full authenticity.

I haven't been sharing all parts of this journey, all parts of myself. 

To commemorate this week's 100th blog episode, I would like to introduce a new series -

Believe In Growth Transformations. 


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Stop Doing These 3 Things if You Feel Tired body mind work Feb 24, 2023

 If there's one thing my study of lifestyle medicine taught me, it's that - 

“Our health depends on our daily habits.”

And our energy is directly linked to our level of accomplishment.

How many of us put off making that decision, having that difficult conversation or...

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1 Transformational Approach to Avoid Burnout and Create Flow mind work Feb 16, 2023


High performers with powerful missions are prone to burnout. 


Because, just like you, they are givers. 

Giving without boundaries leads to burnout. 

Empathy without compassion leads to burnout. 

I remember vomiting during a patient consultation when I...

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How I Overcame Fears to Interview Thought Leaders (With a Combined Reach of over 1.5 Million) mind relationships work Feb 10, 2023

 I remember writing an email with my fingers shaking on the keyboard, hoping to interview a pioneer in the compassion space. 

Why was I shaking? 

Because I cared. I was nervous about being rejected. I feared judgement. 

 Who else has experienced this before?


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8 Tips to Help You Find More Direction mind work Jan 27, 2023

What do you do when you feel lost, demotivated or uncertain? 

Do you worry about making the wrong decision, failing or becoming overwhelmed with responsibility? 

These are all signs that you may be lacking direction.  

The CDC estimates that 1 in 2 of us...

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6 Ideas to Create More Happiness at Work mind relationships work Jan 13, 2023

Why are only 13% of us fully engaged at work? 

Why does a Harvard Business Review tell us that 50% of employees trust a stranger more than their boss? 

What is the number one reason people leave their workplace? 

Compassion holds the key to creating more happiness at...

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8 Unique Ways to Help You Find More Focus and Flow mind work Jan 06, 2023

When Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi became enthused by a Carl Jung lecture in the 1950s, he travelled to the USA to study what makes a meaningful life. What he discovered was flow - 

A state of optimal consciousness, where your actions and awareness merge. 

A state where you lose your sense...

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3 Levels of Learning mind work Sep 02, 2022


What is the most powerful way to learn? 

Learning is essential to fulfilment.

Learning how to learn has surprisingly helped our coachees to:

- Restfully take their first week away from email for 25 years

- Joyfully take couples away days amidst the chaos of young children and...

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