35 Insights on My 35th Birthday

mind relationships spirit Nov 11, 2023


Earlier this week I turned 35. On this quest for growth, freedom and service, I realised that what I was always searching for was my true nature. 

Each achievement, award and reward was really about the search for who I was

In the last few years, I’ve witnessed and experienced all the facets of what the Buddhists call ‘necessary suffering’ - death, illness, separation and old age. 

They have taught me a lot about the truth, each one providing revelations, insights and awakenings to how things really are. 

These insights are through my perception and are neither right nor wrong. I urge you to only see what resonates with you. 

Using this knowledge, expression and embodiment is another thing altogether and this is the journey I am currently on



Here are the insights - get in touch to let me know which one resonated. 

1. Compassion is innate


2. People’s judgments say more about them


3. Your response says more about you


4. Your perception creates your reality


5. Acceptance shifts your perception


6. Perceive - believe - create - integrate


7. The deeper I go, the more I see myself in others


8. The more I love, the more I realise that’s what has been missing


9. When I am misaligned it’s because of an illusionary perception


10. Embrace, release and enhance your emotions - that is the game


11. Disrespect outside of you, reflects what’s within


12. There is no use shouting at the mirror - be grateful for its reflection


13. Let your cup overflow with love


14. Only you can truly fill your cup


15. The body’s wisdom never lies


16. Trust is earned through congruency


17. True love is about oneness


18. Fake love is about symbols


19. Openness is a sign of expanded consciousness


20. Expansion is your nature, stop resisting it


21. Never sacrifice your freedom


22. Authenticity is what you’ve been searching for


23.Choose meaning over striving


24. Your attention is oxygen for your growth


25. Always listen to your energy


26. Loyalty is priceless


27. Abundance is about how you give


28. Fear creates separateness which is the root of suffering


29. Never hold shame, whisper it


30. Anger is a catalyst for change


31. Your blindspots are reflected in your external reality


32. If it’s not mutual, save your energy


33. Boundaries create creativity


34. Energy is your gold


35. All paths lead to unity






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