DOAC Framework for Creating Breakthroughs From Blocks

mind relationships spirit transformation Oct 04, 2023


How do you uniquely create powerful breakthroughs to transcend the blocks for your clients? 


The simple answer - fusing energy work with scientific evidence. 


Read on to receive the 'DOAC Framework' to create more breakthroughs intentionally. 


Are you playing out the same old you? The same old identities, patterns and stories?


If you are limited, blocked or tense, the likelihood is yes. 


You are not alone. 


I notice this in myself - how it is easier to fall back into old patterns without even realising it.


Patterns of reactivity, overthinking and inauthenticity. This may play out in unconscious eating, saying something you don't mean or even acting against your values. 


Think of what that costs you - time, money, energy?


Things really started to shift internally for me towards more fulfilment, growth and peace when I started energy healing. 


After each session I would feel a dense cloud of energy lift from around my body, then I would yawn and feel rejuvenated. Sometimes I would drink 1 litre of water immediately afterwards. 


I felt a significant difference in my nervous system. 


Our unconscious actions are based on stuck emotions held in our body/Chakra system. Scientific evidence shows us that…


“The body keeps the score.” 


And self-compassion is scientifically proven to help you master your emotions. 


The more I learnt to release from these stuck emotions, the faster I was able to consistently take action from a place of love and not fear. 


This is ultimately the secret…


To LOVE every step of the journey. This way you are connected to your highest potential and you feel like each moment is a blessing. 





'DOAC Framework' for Breakthroughs


What to do when you receive an insight. Feel a shift from fear to love. 



1. Decision


I was in a healing session with a client who has an AI business. They had a profound insight about how they were not prioritising themselves. 


They made a powerful decision then and there to block 15 minutes in between meetings to reset, calm and prepare. 


Shortly after the meeting, they received unexpected exciting new business. When you align with your own word, it sends out an energetic signal that is matched by new people and experiences. 



2. Opportunity


After you make the decision, a vote for a new you…


You will be faced with an opportunity that represents a breakthrough in you.


One of my clients recently attracted the biggest business opportunity in the companies history. This happened after going through our ‘Compassion Mastery Accelerator’ where they received 4 healing/ coaching sessions. 


The way you respond to the opportunity will determine the size of your breakthrough. 



3. Action


Recently, I received a message from a coaching friend of mine who had recently been in the presence of coaches who were earning £500k+/ year. 


They aptly shared that these people did not have it all figured out


They had imperfect relationships, health struggles and team issues, but they displayed a strong tendency to act and learn on the go.


If you want more shifts in identity, clarity and calm, it will come through action. 



4. Calm Celebration


Once you have decided, seen the new opportunity and acted, it is time to reap your rewards. However, the way you respond to the fulfilment of your desire will determine what happens next.


Most people become too excited (I know this one personally). As a result, your nervous system is overstimulated. 


You stop taking action and therefore the magic seems to wither out or stop. 


Smile, stay calm and know that you fully deserve every inch of happiness, peace and fulfilment that is coming your way


When the fulfilment of your desires feels natural, your mission flows with speed and ease. 





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