1 Quantum Principle and 1 Ancient Practice for Inner Peace

mind relationships spirit Oct 14, 2023


“I’ve been losing friends and finding peace.” Drake

Never trade your peace. 

Your purpose on this planet is not to be 'loved' by everybody. It's to remove the conditioning, ego and mask to reveal who you truly are. 

From that place, divine higher intelligence flows through you and you will naturally help those in the presence of you. 

You now play at your potential, grow and embody true success.

Read on to learn a powerful 3-step ancient Himalayan practice to help you lovingly let go of relationship wounds. 



With my 1-1 clients the number one block in their lives tends to be wound-aligned relationships. They have wounds such as neediness, unworthiness and lack entrenched within their subconscious. 

I personally know these wounds well. 

As a result, these wounds seem to occasionally attract people who can be judgemental, harsh and unkind towards them. 

But, here is the thing…

These feelings are so entrenched within them that, instead of compassionately setting boundaries, they continue to accept a level of pain most others won’t. 

They have a saviour complex. 

They need to be the hero. 

Or even be the victim. 

Maybe a friend is repeatedly asking for money, or incessantly not giving you space or maybe they are emotionally unavailable. 

People are allowed to go through difficult circumstances, of course. However, no matter how difficult the situation is, it is never acceptable to take out your difficulties on anyone else

Nor is it acceptable for them to 'need' you to solve their problems. 

Being compassionate doesn't mean repeatedly allowing others to cause you pain. Nor does it mean being responsible for everyone’s happiness. 

But why does it hurt so much? Why can those closest to us cause us the most pain?


Quantum Entanglement

There is a bizarre phenomenon in Quantum Physics that states that two subatomic particles can be linked to each other even if separated in space. 

“What you do, I feel. What I do, you feel.”

We become connected to one another through the shared experience of emotional states. This is why Harvard scientist found we affect each others happiness, voting behaviours and even weight. 

Those who are closest to us can become entangled with us. 

Repeated thoughts result in the mind signalling the body to remember that emotional state through the release of neurochemicals. 

Like driving a car without a second thought, our body remembers emotional states like shame, fear and regret. 

These feelings emit an energy which can attract people with corresponding needs and energies. This is how we attract wound-aligned relationships. 

So what can we do about it?

Firstly, it's not your fault and it's not the other person’s fault either. The fact you are reading this makes you an incredible growth-orientated person…

You don't have to 'cut' people out of your life however, if you are serious about changing the relationship, it is essential that you shift how you think, feel and act in the relationship. 

After all, according to the Laws Of The Universe, your thoughts affect your reality. 



Here is the powerful 3-step practice of Cutting Cords to help you lovingly let go of relationship wounds. 


Cutting Cords

By using the power of visualisation, elevated emotions and decisive action, you can start to create more supportive and loving relationships

Here is the practice in 3 simple steps: 


1. Go to your meditative state by entering a place of relaxation in your mind - picture a forest, beach or mountain in nature.

(You can practice relaxing your body using my 3B relaxation audio here


2. Visualise someone who is causing you pain. See them in your mind's eye sitting in front of you. Send a coloured light (white, gold or purple) filling them up with love and cover them in a sphere in that same colour.  


3. Imagine a cord connecting you to them and, either with your hand or in your mind, cut the cord decisively. Repeat a mantra in your head:

“Thank you Universe/ higher intelligence for healing this wound-aligned relationship with love, compassion and understanding in the highest good for all concerned.”

Then imagine the person smiling and walking off into the distance. 

After the meditation, surrender. Know that the mind cannot solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it. 

Stay present, aligned and listen to your intuition over the next 1-3 days to see how you can make a shift in your thinking, feelings and actions. 



Get in touch if you enjoyed this practice and to let me know how it goes. 

With love,


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