Microshifts for Maximal Results

mind relationships spirit Sep 30, 2023


Most people are unaware of the power of their awareness. 


Don’t be a reactive pinball… instead, answer this question. 


If there was only 1 skill you could train in for the rest of your life what would it be? 


Read on to receive a 3-step practice to train the most important skill for self-mastery. 





Earlier this week I awoke and sat bolt upright with a strong intuition (this is not too uncommon).


All of a sudden, I knew it was time to start delving deeper.


Most entrepreneurs are trying to GET somewhere or DO something. 


In that journey, they lose sight of a powerful thing - their authentic truth. This is why they struggle with inner conflict, self-doubt and overthinking. 


But who are we? What is deep beneath the surface? What is this world made of? 


I had a breakthrough…


If I am to deeply help entrepreneurs transform, it is time to start learning about quantum physics. 


“Quantum physics is the study of matter and energy at the most fundamental level.”


Think of your body, then your heart, then a heart cell, then the atoms within the cell, then each single atom...What is left?


99.999% energy and 0.0001% matter. 


“Energy is everything and you are pure energy.”


The Buddhist monks speak about the deepest states of meditation representing no-thing, emptiness or a vast oneness of space.


It makes sense.


Our mind is not separate to this world…


Our mind is the process that creates this world because, as Professor Daniel Siegel says,


“The mind is a process that regulates the flow of energy and information."


We are made of the same things at a core level. 


So HOW does this relate to transformation?


If we are 99.999% energy then it is possible to transform, direct and amplify this energy through the power of our ATTENTION. 


THIS is the skill to focus on improving for the rest of your life. 


Allow me to explain through a powerful scientific effect known as the 'Observer Effect' or 'collapse of the wave function'.


In 1927, Quantum physicists discovered that the person observing the particles affected the behaviour matter. 


Meaning electrons could appear in an infinite number of possible fields surrounding the nucleus of a cell BUT when an observer focused their ATTENTION in any single location the electron appeared. 


This is truly mind-blowing. 


What this means, if you apply this principle more widely, is that our material world is significantly affected by where we focus our attention. 


Now let’s be clear, this world would still exist, but the WAY you experience your world is solely based on WHERE and HOW you focus your attention


This is how all great dreamers, idealists and entrepreneurs create unrealistic long term successes. 


They learn to focus their attention, power and intent on a reality that does not exist yet…


People may call them crazy, like Guglielmo Marconi was called when he discovered the radio. 


Or people may laugh at them, like the British did at Ghandi before he manifested the most powerful non-violent movement in history. 


Or people may try and snub them from the wider community like many spiritual leaders have been. 


But, over time, they continued to focus their attention in a meaningful way and their dreams materialised. 





Here are 3 steps to simply and exponentially improve your attention.


Phone x Dopamine

The answer to exponentially improving attention in the modern world comes more from being aware of what not to do over what to do. 

On average we pick up and unlock our phones 80 times per day and touch it over 200 times per day!

The skilful use of settings on your phone can ensure you are continually protecting and training your attention to start turning your dreams into reality. 

This is because each time you react to a 'ping' or 'ding' you are draining your dopamine system. And dopamine is a chemical in the brain that is intimately linked with our energy levels. 

If you are constantly checking your phone like a reactive pinball (I can be guilty of this) then you are training distraction, procrastination and mindlessness. 

You are giving away your power unknowingly.


1. Pick up check

 - Swipe right on your locked iPhone screen and you will come to the screen time settings

 - Scroll down

 - Note the average number of pick ups per day and the timings of usage


2. Turn off audio notifications

 - Audio notification are the most distracting 

 - According to research, even one disturbance can cause a 20 minute delay in refocusing 

 - Switch all audio notifications off unless absolutely necessary


3. Phone fasting 

 - Create a phone-free period before bed and when you wake

 - Allow yourself to be present in your own energy as your brain waves are slowing at the start and end of the day

 - This is a time to focus your attention on your future reality as the subconscious is most permeable then 




It is these simple yet profound shifts in attention that have allowed our clients to see seismic shifts like…


1. A film producer connecting with Hollywood film entrepreneurs to co-found a new brand of inspirational spiritual movies


2. An environment consultancy CEO attracting the largest deal in the companies history


3. A CEO taking their first holiday without email in 25 years





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