A Powerful Way to SEE Your Emotions: 8 Signs You May Not Be

mind relationships transformation Sep 06, 2023


Picture this…


After a successful day at work, you open the door to chaos in the home. 


Read on to learn about 8 signs you are not SEEing your emotions.





You feel low in energy after the day and, in frustration, have an outburst.


You instinctively react - say something you don't mean or storm out. 


Then the self-blame, guilt and shame follows. The inner dialogue, which has been suppressed all day through the 'busy mind', has now been woken up. 


It’s enough to keep you awake at night, doubting your actions, overthinking and ultimately making you more tired. 


This story is familiar to many of our successful entrepreneurial clients. 


By the end of this blog I will share with you a better way for you to prevent this cycle and ultimately start to SEE your emotions before they burst out of you. 


And when you SEE your emotions, you will see others too. 


A natural unveiling occurs and you will start to experience more freedom, peace and bliss as a result. 




When I was around 6 years old, my inspirational mother hung a poem up on my wall and one line in particular stuck…

“If you can keep your head whilst those around you are losing theirs…

Then you’ll be a man my son.”

Little did she know that this line beautifully describes the work we do, also depicted by this quote:

“The greatest achievement is to remain peaceful no matter what happens.”


Your emotions determine the quality of your experience, level of freedom and are directly correlated to fulfilment. 

This week I’ve been diving deeper into compassion and a new definition of compassion emerged:

“Compassion is the capability to embrace, enhance and release any emotional state.”

When you learn to fully SEE your emotions, you embody a new level of consciousness. 

SEE stands for Suppress, Express and Escape. I adapted this from physician, spiritual expert and renowned advisor to monasteries, Dr David Hawkins. 

Most people go through the day suppressing and escaping unwanted emotions. They feel some sadness, so they turn to coffee or they feel some fear so they 'doom scroll'. 

This effects your energy as emotions are energy in motion

What about express? Well, even too much expression can promote subtle escapism and not treat the underlying cause. 

The root cause lies in our ability to release, let go or relinquish the emotional states. The mind clings to certainty, safety and predictability. When a familiar emotions arises, thousands of familiar thoughts follow which we cling to. 

They become who we think we are. 

To break the cycle, we must learn the skill of compassion. 

Like any other skill, it can be strengthened through practice. 

I suppose this is why, in the research, we see that compassion improves optimism, resilience and grit because you learn to release from the stories that no longer serve you. 

What could be possible for your level of inner peace, impact and freedom with this skill?

Our clients who embody compassion have:

- Created business deals in the millions and set up philanthropic projects

- Created 10 extra hours in their week to start a soul-aligned business

- Created more inner peace to heal and cultivate deeper family connections


Ultimately helping them feel more free, abundant and blissful through the power of compassion. 




Here are 8 signs you may not be SEEing your emotions:

1. You instinctively react angrily to changes in plans

2. You doubt yourself too often

3. You frequently feel you don't have enough time

4. You struggle with clarity about your next steps

5. You struggle to create clear relationship boundaries

6. You feel lower in energy than you used to

7. You are subject to outbursts from loved ones

8. You feel like you are having too much 'bad luck'



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