Crafting an Ideal Day: Playing the Emotional Game

mind relationships work Sep 02, 2023


 Most entrepreneurs and experts are overworked, tired and, as a result, have inconsistent impact. 


There are few who manage to align their energy and hence project ideal experiences into their outer world. 


Download the inside-out ideal day here, a simple yet profound process to create unconditional peace





A few years ago, I noticed that there were exceptional entrepreneurs who managed to optimise their health, run a successful business and maintain deep loving connections all at the same time. 


They were peaceful, joyful and fulfilled. 


How did they do it? 


I was incredibly curious about these anomalies and I essentially studied their beliefs, habits and emotions.


It became clear that what I was seeing was quite magical but also incredibly simple. 


They intended their outer experience through changing their internal states. Whether they realised it or not, they were essentially practicing self-compassion which I define as:


"A skill that helps you embrace, enhance and release any emotional state."


By mastering the emotional game, they let go of the HOW and instead focused on the essence. Their lives were already complete by the time the external symbols of success came their way. 


It’s through these methods that I have seen:


- Marketing executives turn into holistic wellness experts


- Stressed 7-figure founders turn into free, loving and present family people


- Doubt-filled entrepreneurs transform into making 7-figure deals and partnering with world-leading experts


In my own experience, this week I was living out my ideal day when I finished reading, looked at the clock and realised 1 hour had passed. 


For me that was a measure of fulfilment - doing what I love without clock watching. 


This is all thanks to these learnings I am sharing with you.


This simple, yet profound, inside-out practice that I am about to share with you also allowed me to:


- Reduce from 50+ working hours per week to 20 hours


- Increase my impact authentically through social media without taking shortcuts


- Significantly improve income through consciously serving





Download the inside-out ideal day here, a simple yet profound process to create unconditional peace


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