How to Grow Through Family Criticism

mind relationships Sep 30, 2022

If you are reading this, then I know that you are committed to going inwards to give outwards. 

You are somebody who is hungry to serve. You are searching for ways to transcend your challenges and step towards self-mastery

But people judge you. They judge your routines, your moments of solitude and for leaving your job. 

Your family may have even asked...

"What's wrong with you?"

Here is what to do when you are faced with family judgement about your mission:

1. Mindful awareness

Other people's judgements say more about them than you. How you respond says more about YOU than them. 

If you are on a path to self-mastery, then there will be obstacles along the way. How you embrace these, without resistance, will determine your speed of growth. 

Last week I was in a powerful session with my own coach, and he said:

"Your degree of success is directly linked to your response to discomfort."

This is the essence of a growth mindset. When you can stand firm in the face of judgement and learn to be present, without attaching a negative story, then you are destined to realise your dreams.

Practice mindful awareness daily by stacking it onto routines and by sitting in meditation every day. The practice is life-long and the results are life-changing.

2. Gratitude

If criticism hurts, it is because a part of you believes that it is true. We can be thankful though, as it helps us gain a deeper understanding of who we truly are. It provides seeds for growth.

This is the most common reason I coach someone - for deeper self-awareness.

Being thankful for their criticism takes the sting out of the situation whilst elevating you at the same time. Self-criticism and gratitude cannot occur simultaneously.   

3. Forgiveness

We give our power away when we hold onto painful stories that limit us. Forgiveness is an incredibly powerful tool that can reduce blood pressure, anger and cardiovascular disease.

Watch this video for an exclusive visualisation practice I call 'The Forgiveness Clinic', to help you release negative stories.  


This video provides three powerful strategies to help you not feel isolated on your mission. It will help you stay motivated when others want to give up.


1 Quote

"Your degree of success is directly linked to your response to discomfort."

1 Question

Describe one incredible success you have had. What criticism did you face on that journey? 

1 Quality


To step forward in the face of judgement is necessary for those we wish to serve. 

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