4 Habits to Reset Your Energy Throughout the Day

body mind Jul 01, 2022

How many of us experience a 2pm slump? Why is energy such a challenge in our modern culture? 

Our thoughts are directly linked to our energy. 

Daily screen-time, with the associated deluge of information, and a 'dopamine-driven' environment, are possible reasons why many of us feel drained and live in an epidemic of stress. 

Watch this video to avoid burnout, energy dips and, most of all, to experience more joy, freedom and connection. 

4 habits to reset your energy throughout the day - 'www.eyes'

1. Water

2. Woosh

3. Walk

4. Eyes


1. Dehydration Impairs Cognitive Performance

Enjoy taking a deeper dive into the video!  

Believe In Growth.  

With compassion,  

Dr Nilesh Satguru  


Certified High-Performance Coach, Speaker and Medical Doctor 

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