How to Intentionally Use Your Body to Feel Less Busy

body mind Apr 08, 2022

Do you ever find yourself running between meetings, breathing faster and failing to smile? 

Without control of our body, we let our mind get the better of us. 

 Watch this video to learn the effects of smiling on longevity, how our eye movements affect our stress system and how we can feel more empowered by using the wisdom of a TED talk viewed 46 million times. 

5 ways to use your body to feel less busy

1. Smile

2. Move intentionally

3. Chest open, shoulders back

4. Breathe slower and lighter

5. Fix on the horizon


1. Smile intensity in photos predicts longevity

2. Human responses to visually evoked threat

3. Power posing effects

Enjoy taking a deeper dive into the video!

Believe In Growth.

With compassion,

Dr Nilesh Satguru

Certified High-Performance Coach, Speaker and Medical Doctor

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