How to bounce back from illness

body mind Oct 29, 2021


Do struggle to bounce back quickly from illness?

Maybe you caught a cold, a gut bug or a flu-like illness, and it took you longer than usual to recover. 

Watch this video to discover the connection between our immune system and mind, the significance of delta waves and three game-changing strategies to help you bounce back quickly from illness.


Intentional Actions

Bounce back game plan

No medication can heal like the immune system.

 1.  Belief

 Affirm this belief with me; my body is a healing machine.

If you are reading this, then you have already healed from a minor illness.

Start to build evidence for the belief by reflecting on past experiences.

Beliefs drive action. This is why the belief that you can heal quickly is so important.

2. Rest

You cannot repair a punctured bike tire whilst riding it.

Switching off from the world to help you rest will turbocharge your recovery by giving your brain the space it requires to orchestrate the healing.

3. Vitamins

What is undeniable is that vitamins are essential for enzyme reactions in cells.

Viruses place higher demands on cells and hence reduce resources.

It is unlikely you will match the demand by purely eating nutrient-rich foods during your illness, therefore a good quality vitamin supplement can help you bounce back fast.

Character challenge


When you have a zest for life, you value wellness. Start to build this character trait to help you engage with the behaviours necessary to keep you on track.


1. Jenna Macciochi's 5 Top tips for immunity


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