Why everyone isn't a morning person

body mind Oct 08, 2021

So you hear the alarm go off, and you hit snooze for the third time. 

You stumble out of bed and, in a stupor, reach for some coffee and head off to work. 

To your dismay, your colleague is perky and full of life in the morning. 

Why is it that some of us are vibrant first thing in the morning and others are not?

It's not purely because of mindset. 

It's because of our chronotypes and, of course, our habits. 

Watch this video to discover our four chronotypes, the significance of the PER-3 gene and how to lose weight without reducing your calories. 

3 Power Habits to Help With Morning Energy

  1.  Cool Shower

Body temperature is a key player in wakefulness and sleep.

Cooling the outside of our body raises the core body temperature, which helps wake us up to feel alert in the morning.

2. Morning movement

Movement in sunlight in the morning helps regulate our circadian rhythm and generate energy for the day.

3. Empty evenings

Eating late at night is enough to disrupt our circadian clocks and stop us from experiencing deeper sleep.

Leaving between at least 2-3 hours before bed of fasting can be so helpful to help morning drowsiness.

Character challenge

Love of learning

Science only guides us; always listen and learn from your body. If you love learning about your body, peak health will follow.


1. Power of When Quiz

 2. Chronotypes


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