10 Shifts That Transformed My Clients Emotional Resilience

mind relationships transformation Mar 28, 2023

A few weeks ago I was on a deep-dive call with an entrepreneur who was frustrated, doubtful and lacking confidence on their next steps.

They burst into tears with emotion. They couldn't go on like this anymore.

The truth is that it wasn't their circumstances they were reacting to, it was their thoughts.

They were self-critical, isolated and overthinking - the opposite of self-compassion. These thinking patterns disrupt our mental wellbeing.

After delving deep, the root cause was clear.


Fear of loss, security, belonging and status. Their natural needs not met.

They were not broken, wrong or a problem that needed to be fixed.

The thing that needed to change was their story NOT their true essence. This is essential to understand. The real YOU is perfect, expansive and free.

After my client realised they were perfect at their core, yet there was room for growth, they blossomed:

- They closed big business deals and broke revenue records

- They connected deeper with their loved ones and healed conflicts

- They experienced more peace of mind even when loved ones were in distress

- They accomplished meaningful goals setting up a new business, donating to charity and empowering their staff

Why? Because they changed their story.

YOU are not the problem, it’s your story.

Here are 10 compassionate shifts for emotional mastery:

1. You are perfect, yet there is room for growth.

2. Your emotions are not right or wrong, it's only our thinking that makes it so.

3. Emotions are like chemical memories - what is hysterical is historical.

4. Emotions are only ever caused by your thoughts - if you don't feel good, get curious about your thinking.

5. If you are emotionally moved it is because you are attached to an outcome.

6. The more you lean in, the more you release.

7. Pay attention to your body - it never lies.

8. Your subconscious mind IS your body.

9. Compassion acts as a bridge between your subconscious and conscious.

10. Every emotion has a role - “resolve and evolve”.

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