3 Blindspots of Transformation: Uncover Your Core Repetitive Challenge

relationships spirit transformation Oct 11, 2023


"I've heard that you help people uncover the blindspots in their growth, how do you do this?"


An interested follower recently asked me this question and the best way for me to describe this is through a story. 


Book an ‘awakening self-awareness call’ today to uncover your core repetitive challenge that limits you from elevating your impact, time freedom and inner peace. 





Recently, I was in an 'awakening self-awareness' call with a seasoned entrepreneur who had built a 7-figure business. On the surface, things seemed smooth, however they were:


- Mindlessly working 20 hours a week more than they wanted to, feeling rushed for time and hustling multiple entrepreneurial projects to provide for their family 


- Doubting their potential and in their words, "once you start doubting yourself, everything comes tumbling down"


- Not present with their loved ones, creating tension in important relationships, leading to painful conflict


This led to struggles including measuring their worth outside of themselves, believing a chaotic mind and underperforming across multiple life arenas. 


They were faced with a difficult choice most entrepreneurs never make…


Do they continue to live with suppressed emotions, inauthentic beliefs and mindless habits? 


Or do they lovingly choose to be radically honest with themselves and uncover their core repetitive challenge?


We delved deep through our 'Authentic Awareness' questions using techniques to soothe their body, connect their heart and brain and remain non-judgementally open for them to deeply share. 


As they scratched their chin, looked up and smiled, they said, “What interesting questions. I’ve never been asked these before.”


It led to a profound revelation of their core repetitive challenge. Once you see this clearly, things are never the same again. 





Here are the 3 blindspots that could be blocking your transformation.



1. 'Not mine' narratives


“You can never do that.”


“Who do you think you are?”


“You are a failure.”


These are the common narratives I hear from high-performing leaders. The difference is that they learn it is not theirs. These voices are often generational blocks that have become engrained in their thinking. 


When you can identify the 'not mine' narratives, with compassion, you dramatically reduce self-doubt, criticism and unworthiness.



2. Wound-aligned relationships


Our relationships are mirrors that have the potential to inspire success or block it. 


If you are experiencing conflict and it's emotionally draining you, know that the mind can only project what lies within. Therefore, the better you get at surrendering, the quicker the wound can heal.


Think of the resistance you show these relationships like picking an open wound. 


We all have wounds or, as Gabor Mate would call it, ‘trauma' based on our childhoods. When we fully see, accept and hear all parts of our past without judgement, we allow ourselves to heal and step into our potential



3. Hyperstimulating environment


If you are continuously checking your phone, rushing from meeting to meeting or lacking energy at the end of the day, it's likely that your environment is triggering mindless habits


These habits block your potential as they stop you from connecting to the most important thing…

Your emotional wellbeing. 


Instead, the environment is convincing you that you need an external stimulus to fulfil you


It devalues your infinite and limitless potential. It teaches you a lie - that you are not an energetic spiritual being and instead someone who is reliant on their surroundings to feel peaceful.


Environment is important, however creating the internal environment first is what leads to unconditional peace, resilience and grit





Which blindspot spoke to you? Why? Get in touch to let me know. 





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