3 Insights From a Self-Awareness Retreat

relationships spirit transformation Sep 20, 2023


A few of you asked about insights from my recent self-awareness retreat, so I thought I would share them here so you can overcome self-doubt, overthinking and a lack of clarity.





1 year ago I saw a sticky note on the inside of my wardrobe door. It had a list of dreams on it, based on the '3 Most Important Questions' exercise from Vishen Lakhiani.


My eyes locked onto the growth section. 


“Learn advanced techniques from a meditation teacher.”


I had practiced mindfulness, loving kindness meditations and the Silva Method, yet I felt a calling to learn mantra meditation.


“When the student is ready, the master appears.”


Within a few weeks I came across @that_meditation_guy (Jimmy Wightman) on Instagram, and I felt a deep connection. 


In a period of only 4 days, I learnt an ancient Himalayan technique to attain a deep state of awareness, purge stress in the body and enhance creativity from Jimmy.


I enjoyed the technique so much that our clients in the 'Compassion Mastery Experience' gain one-to-one access to Jimmy, who is an exceptional teacher and is enlightened. 


Recently, I had a phone call with Jimmy. Whilst discussing shifts in consciousness, life and business, he strongly recommended that I book onto the 'Hero's Journey Retreat'. 


I followed the ping of intuition to attend the retreat, based near Blackburn - a 5 hour journey from home. 


What I learnt on the retreat was truly transformational, ineffable and beyond what I could have imagined. 


Yet at the same time, it was repetitive, draining and frustrating.


It’s clear that today’s world convinces us we are incomplete. Any process that teaches you the contrary is truly priceless. 


Coaching is one of those. 


Great coaching is like seeing the arrow within the Fedex logo - once seen, it is impossible to unsee it. 





Here are 3 life-changing insights from the retreat.



1. Seeing Clearly Is Priceless


Mindfulness comes from the Pali word Sati’ which roughly translates to 'see clearly'. Seeing clearly is not to be underestimated. 


This is why organisations like Google, Harvard and Meta all offer Mindfulness training to their employees. The data is clear - it enhances working memory, creativity and even longevity. 


Seeing clearly can only truly happen in a state of love. Because in true love there is no attachment, control or judgement. 


The experience of the retreat was all about love. 


During the retreat I received profound insights about unnoticed behaviour, repressed memories and suppressed emotions - things that made me see clearly. 


Afterwards, I made big shifts, largely around making commitments to giving more abundantly. I am not perfect, far from it, however the intention is clear. 


“Go inwards to give outwards.”




2. Feeling Into Your Body Unlocks Profound Wisdom


“What the mind won’t recall, the body bears it all.”


At the heart of the experience was deep eye gazing, self-inquiry questions and feeling into your bodies wisdom. 


Sometimes, frustratingly, nothing would happen after hours of asking the same question. However, after two days an insight came from feeling deeper into the energy around my body. 


I always knew this insight to be true yet I was not embodying it. 


Before, I was aware of the bodies ability to carry emotions, memories and information but now I know that venturing deep into the sensations is also a vessel for understanding your true nature. 


And once you understand your true nature, doubt, worry and overthinking significantly fade. 




3. Hearing the Voice of Your True Self Is What You Have Been Searching for


Stop the search.” 


A pure voice in my head said. It was so clear, powerful and certain. 


Your true self goes beyond the body, time and space. 


Most people are subconsciously using force to acquire something outside of them. This is why so many of us feel drained.


What if you acted as if you couldn’t fail?


Even better, what if you acted as if you would be loved regardless?


I was working with a powerful entrepreneur earlier today on this concept. In the past, they would run around all day, tiring themselves and making promises they could not keep.


Sound familiar? 


In the future, I hope to see more entrepreneurs embody compassion for themselves and others by truly mastering the self. 


Imagine the ripple effect for humanity?





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