4 Steps to Gain Clarity on What You Want and Who You Are

mind spirit Nov 24, 2022

What if you didn't deliberate over decisions for as long? 

What if you could easily say no to relationships and opportunities that didn't align with you? 

What if you knew with precision what you wanted, and how would that change your life? 

Recently I've been working with multiple entrepreneurs who have been seeking clarity. They have been struggling to make powerful decisions and feeling anxious as a consequence.

I notice one common thread between all of them - they were not truly investing enough time doing what they LOVED. 

Fear is the absence of love. When you love who you are and what you do, the mind becomes still and you find clarity. 

Do not delay feeling more love in your life - experience it today. Your heart knows what you love. Be still and ask yourself this question:

"What do I love?" 

This is how you touch your true essence, not the mask you wear day-to-day. 

Here are 4 other ways for you to gain clarity on what you want and who you are:


1. Train your imagination

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." Einstein

Imagination comes from you, visualisation comes to you.

I learnt about visualisation from mind-pioneer José Silva. Millions of people have taken his courses which champion creative visualisation.

Visualisation helps you tie together abstract concepts and draw experiences into your life. 

If you are struggling to decide how you want to move forward, try this: 

Sit quietly and go in to a deeply relaxed state, then imagine stepping into your life 3 years later. 

Imagine speaking to your future self and asking questions like:

"What did you do to grow into who you are today?"

Now pay attention to the visualisations that arise and be sure to act on them. 

It's in the acting that you gain clarity. 


2. A singular purpose, multiple 'whys'

You are no different from me - we all wish to be happy and avoid suffering. 

Behind every want is a desire to feel good. Never forget this. This is our singular purpose. 

You lose clarity when you forget this timeless truth. 

It's normal to have multiple 'whys' and for them to evolve. The 'why' in your career may be completely different to your personal life. 

All-or-nothing thinking can cloud your judgement. In reality, it is perfectly normal to have multiple purposes for each domain of life

Appreciating this within yourself will help you gain clarity. 


3. Reflection rhythm

The answers to who you are lie in where you've come from. 

You cannot gain clarity without understanding your past. The deeper you explore, the more you step into your authentic power. 

I was recently in a coaching session with an incredible entrepreneur who was unsure of some memories. They were struggling to recall both their successes and setbacks. 

I probed a little deeper. It was clear that they were unknowingly repressing something. After using mind-body techniques, they finally felt safe enough to open up. Trauma in their past had hardened them into shutting off who they truly were. Once they shared, they felt a big release and gained more clarity on their future. 

Commit to setting up a daily, weekly and monthly rhythm for reflection. Each time you journal on past events, you gain clarity on who you are and what you want. 

You step closer to your authenticity. 


4. Future questions

Questions unlock the power of our subconscious mind. 

Your mind never forgets. It contains information about all of your experiences and, even more importantly, the way you felt about those experiences. 

As I learnt this week from my meditation teacher:

"Your body is your subconscious mind." Candace Pert

If you are struggling with clarity, start with future-focused questions but make sure you ask these questions when you are relaxed. 

Learn to deeply relax your body through breathwork, meditation, Yoga Nidra or any other technique that resets the nervous system. 

You have more intuitive intelligence than you know, but it is a case of asking a relaxed mind and body. 

This is the biggest challenge that the entrepreneurs I work with face - their nervous systems are habitually in overdrive. It's the dopamine-driven climate of entrepreneurship that breeds this habit.

To be outstanding, learn to stand out by investing your time where others are not - in learning to deeply relax.

Then ask questions such as:

"Who am I? Where do I want to be 3 years from now? What would I love to create?"


Enjoy these practices, and let me know how you get on with them. 


1 Quote

"Your body is your subconscious mind."

1 Question

What would you love to create 3 years from today?

1 Quality


Wisdom is knowing right from wrong, truth from lie and knowing yourself over others. 

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