15 Tips to Avoid Energy Dips and Feel Calm

body mind spirit Oct 14, 2022


This week we are having a bit of fun...

I know low energy is such a disturbance for so many of us. 

If you have a stressful job, a young family, relatives who are unwell or you manage staff, then it's likely that your energy levels can be erratic. 

With the help of the phenomenal Sunjay Vyas, we have created a very special episode for you. 

It's a compilation of all our previous videos on energy. I've watched it multiple times myself, and I feel fortunate to say that it's the most engaging and valuable video we have ever created

So, if you are tired of feeling drained and you want to feel more connected, joyful and less affected by your environment, then watch this video. 



For some fun, here is an energy quiz for you:

1. Is stress caused by becoming resistant or by accepting? 

2. Is it always possible to think your way out of a negative mindset? 

3. Are diet and movement always the cause of low energy?

4. Can our thoughts affect our sleep?

5. Does our brain utilise large amounts of energy or small amounts?

6. Can scrolling on your phone cause your eyes to communicate stress signals to your body?

7. Can a touch therapy called Havening slow down your brain waves? 

8. Does as little as 2% dehydration affect your working memory and cognitive performance? 

9. Can tapping on Chinese acupressure points significantly reduce anxiety and stress?

10. Can becoming more tolerant of carbon dioxide in your blood boost your energy levels?

11. Does morning movement affect your circadian rhythms and therefore energy levels throughout the day?

12. Can walking increase a chemical in our brain, BDNF, that stimulates new brain cell production?

13. Can being in nature reduce the stress hormone cortisol and improve our energy as a result?

14. Does morning sunlight help balance our sleep hormone melatonin at night? 

15. Which practice is most effective from the list above? All of them or the one you are most consistent with?



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