10 Simple Ways to Feel More Energetic Right Now

body mind Sep 23, 2022

If you are like most of us, you are prone to dips in energy. 

Maybe you see a bill, have an argument or struggle to put the kids to bed and then...

You feel drained, so you reach for that coffee, indulgent food or scroll on your phone. 

These are acts of niceness, not kindness. They numb us; that is not self-compassion. 

They make us feel good in the short term but do not serve us in the long term. 

This everyday example teaches us two profound lessons - our energy is dependent on our actions and the nature of our energy is broad i.e. mind, body and spirit each play a role. 

Here are ten science-backed ways for you to engage with an underused brain system in our modern world - our soothing system. Through self-soothing we can calm our mind, relax our body and connect to our spirit - this can help us feel energised. 

1. Touch

When an infant or child is overwhelmed what soothes them best? Touch is a simple profound way to calm us.

Havening is a touch therapy that causes the release of delta brain waves which are usually only released during sleep. Watch the video for basic instructions on how to practice. 

2. Music

Our environment doesn't control us, we control our environment. I often listen to a specific playlist that stimulates a more coherent mind and induces alpha brain waves. These brain waves create a calm intuitive state. 

3. Tonglen

This ancient practice is incredibly simple and forms the basis of compassion practice. I am working on this myself. 

When something triggers you breathe in any suffering (frustration, anger, resistance) and you breathe out the joy you wish for others. Three deep breaths are enough. 20 seconds of interrupting the pattern of negative thinking can cause new neural connections to be formed - you can transform even if you are time-poor

4. Loving-Kindness Meditation

With your eyes shut, visualise someone you love and imagine sending them love, joy, peace and good health. According to Stanford University, loving-kindness meditations help us feel more connected, and this energises you. 

5. Nature

Next time you feel drained, spend a few minutes focusing your vision on the beauty of nature. This has been shown to reduce cortisol, our stress hormone, and even boost natural killer cells which are known to ward off viruses and cancer. 

6. Dancing

Recently, we have been loving dancing in the kitchen with our 18-month-old daughter Millie - it always energises us. Dancing releases endorphins and soothes us. Move those hips to release any tension stored from sitting all day. And yes, do it in the office and watch others join in!

7. Tapping

Tapping involves gently touching meridians across our bodies. It fuses Chinese acupressure points with modern science. Research shows this reduces our stress hormones, deactivates our fear centre and calms our brainwaves. Above all, it is fun and requires no equipment. 

8. Grounding

Putting your feet on the bare earth picks up free electrons. Nature is healing - these free electrons have the ability to reduce free radicals in our body, preventing oxidative stress and the 'rust' on our cells. Try it - what's the harm? 

9. Journaling

Multiple research studies demonstrate how journaling helps us come out of our mind and induce a flow state. You write at around 11 to 12 words per minute - journaling helps you slow down. 

10. Cold Shower

All our group coaches know how much we love a cold shower! Mostly for the courageous aspect of it. It is a meditation practice because you train your mind to move beyond its natural instincts and therefore you prepare yourself for daily challenges.

Cold showers instantly help us feel energised. 


This video will give practical instructions for you to feel more energised, even as the days get shorter and colder. Don't be a slave to your environment, be intentional.


1 Quote

"Our energy is dependent on our actions and our environment shapes our actions. But remember, it is you that creates your environment."

1 Question

When have you noticed yourself choosing 'self-niceness' over 'self-kindness'? 

1 Quality


Your zest for life creates your energy, not the other way round. 

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