How to manage frustration

mind Oct 01, 2021

Ever find yourself getting frustrated at the little things?

And it causes you to stop focusing on your goal, or worse, it affects your personal life.

Watch this video to understand the neurobiology of frustration and three strategies to help you dissolve your frustration. 

Intentional Actions

3 Strategies to reduce frustration


 1.  Release resistance

Resistance stems from us believing things should not be this way.

When we shift our perception, our frustration starts to dissolve.

2. Reduce outputs

No matter how busy we think we are, we can afford to reduce our outputs. With fewer demands, we have the space to solve our problems without frustration.

3. Keep your word

The majority of our frustrations come when we do not keep our word.

Start small by keeping promises to yourself. This will improve your self-trust and hence reduce your frustration.

Character challenge


The more you build honesty in your character, the more you learn and reduce frustration.


1. Frustration Neurones


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