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Does this feel like you? 

Although people call you 'successful', you feel unfulfilled and think, 'Is this it? Shouldn't I feel better?'
You feel isolated by the lack of support on your mission and think, 'Am I the only one who struggles like this?'
Are you self-critical with setbacks and think,'Why does this always happen to me, when are you going to get it right?'


Are you yearning for more freedom, fulfilment and joy for yourself and your loved ones? 

2 root causes of feeling unfulfilled:

Disempowering beliefs
Unhelpful thinking habits


"What got you here, won't get you there." 

Marshall Goldsmith


You want a sense of inner peace but you struggle with a busy mind. 
You want the best for your loved ones because you CARE, but the truth is you neglect yourself and struggle to set boundaries. 


You have 'made it' but continuously downplay your success because you struggle to receive love. 
People frequently compliment you, but you do not notice because you are always moving onto the 'next thing'.
You do not courageously ask for what you truly need in your close relationships therefore you feel lonely. 
At a time when you feel you should be thriving, you lack clarity because you fear criticism. 
The day can feel draining therefore, you are prone to impulsively eating, mindless scrolling and bedtime procrastination. This leaves you at risk of illness. 
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I hear you, I see you

I qualified as one of the youngest doctors in the country at 22. Within 5 years, I became a GP partner, desperately trying to reform a 33 routine wait to see a doctor. By that time, I had achieved money, status, recognition and awards - what my Asian heritage and culture would call success:

 - I became a 4-time award-winning medical teacher and had 21 letters after my name! Southampton medical school studied our trailblazing near-peer teaching movement, which enrolled 90% of the year group in what they called "guerilla-style teaching".

 - With Lifestyle medicine, I had successfully treated and reversed a number of conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, erectile dysfunction, anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain and addictions.

 - I became a director for the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine, sat on the UK national sleep steering committee and created the first Lifestyle Medicine teaching module for Southampton University.

This was all thanks to the phenomenal training and support I was blessed to experience.

I achieved what I thought would fulfil me, but with each 'success' there was a voice in my head that continually said, "Is this it?". I did not have a meaningful life. 

It wasn't until I learnt about the synergy of compassion and mastery did I start to see things dramatically shift towards more joy, freedom, fulfilment and peace.

All of my learnings coalesced. Working for 11 years relieving suffering as a doctor in the NHS interestingly taught me about the root causes of our desires. 

Listening to the research from the High-Performance Institute and to the desires of my 7 figure clients taught me about the causes of suffering. 

Healing your suffering and aligning with your true desires places you on the path of authentic self-mastery. This is what we help you do. 

The Goal Is To Use Compassion

To  Awaken Self-Mastery

'Self-mastery is a continuous commitment to growth in the disciplines that create human flourishing.' 


I feel humbled to say I've had the opportunity to learn from some of the world's best coaches and teachers. They have helped me draw out my gifts, I would like to help you do the same. These are my gifts and the dark sides of those gifts:

1. Curious connector - by being interested, I've connected with ex-navy seals, 8-figure entrepreneurs, an enlightened monk and pioneering professors. My caring nature also meant I struggled to set boundaries in the past. 

2. Perspective teacher - I link concepts from reading 200+ books and multiple certifications into seconds of wisdom. However, being so immersed in learning, I miss opportunities for implementation. 

3. Appreciator of potential - I love seeing the best in other entrepreneurs so they can give more abundantly. However I can struggle to appreciate my own success. 


Compassionate Entrepreneurs

Thanks to these learnings, I've been able to work with a diverse range of clients, including award-winning charity founders, 7-figure entrepreneurs, executives, artists, podcasters, authors, and coaches. All of them were united by their commitment to go inwards to give outwards. 

The power of purposeful conversations led to some intriguing results:

 - Helping an established entrepreneur donate £30,000 to meaningful causes whilst learning to forgive and heal family conflict. 

 - Seeing a leader use compassion with his staff to increase revenue in his business by £700k whilst improving staff morale.

 - Seeing the coachees no longer feel the need to take medications for ADHD, depression, anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain. 

 - Seeing award-winning charity founders receive a letter from the Prime Minister for their groundbreaking work. 

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