Certified High-Performance Coaching

with Dr Nilesh Satguru


Feel vibrant and peaceful

I work 1 on 1 with a small number of clients to focus on compassionate entrepreneurship. 

Renew your sense of clarity and confidence

The first science-backed coaching programme based on the world's largest study on high-performers from 190 countries.

Optimize your focus and self-control

The session process is proven by satisfaction ratings from over 60,000 recorded sessions.

Certified High-Performance Coaching

With Dr Nilesh Satguru


Feel vibrant and peaceful

I work 1 on 1 with a small number of clients to focus on compassionate entrepreneurship. 

Renew your sense of clarity and confidence

The first science-backed coaching programme based on the world's largest study on high-performers from 190 countries.

Optimize your focus and self-control

The session process is proven by satisfaction ratings from over 60,000 recorded sessions.


I help compassionate entrepreneurs reach their highest potential without sacrificing their freedom by engaging them in a science-backed coaching programme.

Working as a doctor, I repeatedly noticed a discrepancy between my patients' external success and internal peace. 

Which sparked a question - is it possible to be successful across multiple areas of life?

I began to notice people living fulfilling and vibrant lives who were also high-performing.

Sceptical at first, I was hesitant to start on the journey of self-development. But my desire to contribute overwhelmed the need for acceptance.  

I discovered the High-Performance Institute's certification, which identified 6 deliberate daily actions across all the life domains that high performers consistently practice. 

These are known as the High-Performance Habits.

With this novel approach, I dedicated myself to delving deep into the science and art of self-mastery to inspire people to live their most joyful, confident and engaged lives. 


I am extremely grateful to have worked with inspiring organisations

Nick - Entrepreneur 

"Before certified high-performance coaching, I had a muddled approach to business and my personal life, and I had little clarity of what made me successful; this allowed failures to creep in. This problem had been recurring for the last 10 years.

loved how the coaching made the implicit explicit. The programme was extremely valuable—the increased clarity and improved decision making increased business profits by £1million. More importantly, I significantly improved the relationship with my son, which you can't put a price on - this was the most beneficial. 

I have now extended his coaching to employees too. 

I recommend his services without equivocation and regard it as money extremely well spent."

Rachel - Health Entrepreneur 

"Before I started coaching with Nilesh, I was feeling overwhelmed about the direction of my life. I was struggling to commit to my own inner practise and to create autonomy in the relationship I was in.

The coaching has given me focus and direction. I've also realized how much I value my own personal growth and making that my priority so I can let go of recurring patterns and limiting beliefs.

I estimate from the skills learnt in coaching that I saved 20 hours per week. It has been amazing to have guidance from Nilesh."

Mike - financial executive

Nilesh’s clinical background as a doctor of 10+ years lends a level of scientific credence and gravitas to the specific ideas and practices that he chooses to focus on out of the available swathes of self-help literature out there; he operates skilfully at the intersection of neuroscience, body chemistry, fitness, nutrition and nuance and I found this to be an extremely rare combination of qualities in a performance coach.

He is able to distill complex ideas, that he has done deep research on, into clean and simple messages that he then helps you to turn into every day practices. Pursuing excellence in your chosen field is to be consistent regardless of mood or external environment, and the results that I have achieved have only been created through compound interest rather than quick fixes and hacks. 

I would not hesitate to recommend Nilesh to anyone seeking to level up in some area of their life.

Jann - Entrepreneur

I thought I knew myself pretty well before working with Nilesh, but his skills as a high-performance coach have so far strengthened, enhanced, stretched, and challenged the way I am living my life.  His boundless energy, compassion, practical advice, and belief in me, has affected some fundamental changes in my thought processes and behaviours, as I have developed a true understanding of what makes me tick through understanding my own values and beliefs systems.  I have clarity on my short, medium and long term goals; am more considered and considerate, more focussed, and am more caring and compassionate.

 I knew that these changes could be affected through work I had already done myself over the few years prior to meeting Nilesh, but had always lacked the focus and self belief that life could be what I wanted, and the positive behaviours etc that I tried to implement myself always fell by the wayside.  From the very start of our coaching relationship, Nilesh instilled in me a belief that I can have everything I want out of life, including true joy, peace, happiness, success, and contentment.

I feel not only accountable to Nilesh but more importantly I feel accountable to myself, and these positive changes I have made since we began working together, are already turning into positive habits which I believe will last a life time. 

I have found every session with Nilesh to be very insightful, and have already made tremendous progress on my journey of personal grown.

 So much has changed in only a few short months, and I am very excited to see where I will be after my next few months of coaching sessions!!

Annie - CEO Fearless Engagement and Master Coach

I met Nilesh when I was at a crossroads with my health and my personal and business performance.

I met Nilesh, in his professional capacity as a Medical Doctor. I was struck by his immense ability to ask great questions, how easily he engaged in a directed and compassionate manner; I began to feel
such a curiosity about this Medical Doctor.

I have been coaching Nilesh for the best part of a year, and I have such deep respect and admiration for him. I should say for those of you reading that I have been in the executive coaching space for over 30 years and have worked with businesses all over the world. Nilesh stands out to me on so many levels.
Nilesh is rare and able to provide incredible perspectives due to his unique blend of experience and knowledge. His hunger for learning and personal growth for himself means that he has exceptional levels of self-awareness and emotional intelligence that help him see beyond his behaviours right into your mindset and to the underlying causes of the results that you achieve. 

He puts himself in the coaching seat repeatedly to explore his own performance levels; how can I improve is his constant question to me.

He is just an incredibly compassionate soul who has a laser focus on helping his clients use their strengths to be the best person they can. I really cannot recommend Nilesh highly enough.
And finally… Nilesh, it is I that learn from you!



I am deeply indebted to Dr Satguru for his holistic approach. 
I am convinced Dr Satguru’s approach has at a very minimum drastically quickly and easily improved my quality of life; and quite likely lengthened it too.


Thank you so much for your support and empathy. 
I feel like I can breathe again. Your sessions have been very thought-provoking and have helped me to understand how my mind works.


For years I’ve struggled, I’ve been looking for a quick fix. Since the sessions, I have been a changed person. Happiness, energy levels and family fun time are hugely increased. This really works.

Hi I'm Dr Nilesh Satguru

I love my work as a certified high-performance coach and a medical doctor. I am currently the only person in the country to hold these qualifications. 

My passion is to help entrepreneurs and executives perform at their best so they can create exceptional lives and serve their community.

I feel fortunate to have learnt from such prestigious organisations such as the High-Performance Institute, the Royal College of General Practitioners and the International Board of Lifestyle Physicians. 

It is an honour to work as a director for the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine and to sit on the UK's national sleep steering committee. 

Through my personal and professional struggles, I’ve learnt the importance of believing in a better future.

"No matter where you've been, where you are or where you are going as long as you believe in growth, you will be able to work it out."

Three moments in my life were significant catalysts for transformation. Witnessing my father’s illnesses, becoming a father and resigning from a medical partnership all led me to dedicate myself to self-mastery to serve others.

"I believe people’s lives can be transformed through the power of conversation."

I have had the pleasure of working with a diverse range of people, including serial entrepreneurs, FTSE 100 executives and full-time mothers. 

After delving deep into my personal stories, I uncovered four foundational values which reflect who I am and what I stand for; compassion, openness, challenge and growth.

My coaching business aligns with these foundational values.

I look forward to working with you in the future. 

Begin your high-performance journey today.

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