Are you an entrepreneur who...

Has external success or big dreams but feels unfulfilled? 
Is committed to going inwards to give back to humanity? 
Criticises themselves for motivation?
No longer wants to feel isolated in their relationships? 
Feels tired from overthinking about their purpose? 
Is yearning for more freedom, fulfilment and joy?

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2 root causes of feeling unfulfilled


1. Ineffective habits
2. Misaligned beliefs


"What got you here, won't get you there."

You want a sense of inner peace, fulfilment and calm but you struggle with reactivity and a busy mind. 

You want the best for your kids, your partner and your staff because you CARE, but the truth is you neglect yourself and struggle to set compassionate boundaries. 

You have "made it" and accomplished a lot but continuously downplay your success and ask yourself, "Is this it? Shouldn't I feel better?"

People frequently compliment you, but you struggle to feel appreciated and valued because you struggle to sit still. 

You do not courageously ask for what you truly need in your close relationships, end up disconnecting and feel lonely.    

At a time when you feel you should be thriving, you feel lost, lacking purpose and clarity about your next steps. 

The day can feel heavy and draining therefore, you are prone to impulsively eating indulgent foods, mindless scrolling and bedtime procrastination. 

I hear you, I see you.

I qualified as one of the youngest doctors in the country at 22. Within 5 years, I became a GP partner, desperately trying to reform 33 routine wait to see a doctor. By that time, I had achieved money, status, recognition and awards - what my Asian heritage and culture would call success:

 - I became a 4-time award-winning medical teacher.

 - I had 21 letters after my name! I collected qualifications and was the only GP in the country certified in both Occupational and Lifestyle Medicine.

 - Southampton medical school studied our trailblazing near-peer teaching movement, which enrolled 90% of the year group in what they called "guerilla-style teaching".

 - With Lifestyle medicine, I had successfully treated and reversed a number of conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, erectile dysfunction, anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain and addictions.

 - I became a director for the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine, sat on the UK national sleep steering committee and organised the first Lifestyle Medicine teaching module for Southampton University.

I achieved what I thought would fulfil me, but with each "success" there was a voice in my head that continually said, "Is this it?". I had a beautiful family but wasn't present with them; I didn't appreciate them. I had multiple health niggles. I was not satisfied or felt I had a meaningful life. 

It wasn't until I learnt about the synergy of compassion and mastery did I start to see things dramatically shift towards more joy, freedom, fulfilment and peace.

All of my learnings coalesced. Working for 10 years relieving suffering as a doctor in the NHS interestingly taught me about the root causes of our desires. 

Listening to the research from the High-Performance Institute and to the desires of my 7 figure clients taught me about the causes of suffering. 

Healing your suffering and aligning with your true desires places you on the path of authentic self-mastery. This is what we help you do. 


Things that hold us back...

 1. Reactivity

Respond, don't react. Reactivity originates from our primitive limbic brain. We need to engage our CEO - the prefrontal cortex. 

2. Self-criticism

Self-criticism is like coffee temporarily stimulating, but it drains your energy in the long run. Your self-criticism will affect your team, your loved ones and your happiness. Everyone is deserving of happiness. 

3. Fatigue

You don't have energy, you transform it through meaningful actions. Unconscious daily habits are draining your energy and hence reducing your effectiveness. 

4. Under appreciation

What you appreciate, appreciates. The highest performing teams and marriages have a magic ratio of positivity, call me to learn more. 

5. Distraction

Distraction costs you, focus remunerates you. If you wish to stand out in our modern environment, focus is the skill to learn.

6. Inconsistency

Consistency is not what you think it is, it comes down to emotional regulation. Self-awareness of your emotions will keep you on the path to mastery. 



I feel humbled to say I've had the opportunity to learn from some of the world's best coaches and teachers. They have helped me draw out my gifts, I would like to help you do the same. These are my gifts and the dark sides of those gifts:

1. Curious connector - by being interested, I've connected with ex-navy seals, 8-figure entrepreneurs, an enlightened monk and pioneering professors. My caring nature also meant I struggled to set boundaries in the past. 

2. Perspective teacher - I link concepts from reading 200+ books and multiple certifications into seconds of wisdom. However, being so immersed in learning, I miss opportunities for implementation. 

3. Appreciator of potential - I love seeing the best in other entrepreneurs so they can give more abundantly. However I can struggle to appreciate my own success. 

Thanks to these learnings, I've been able to work with a diverse range of clients, including award-winning charity founders, 7-figure entrepreneurs, executives, artists, podcasters, authors, and coaches. All of them were united by their commitment to go inwards to give outwards. 

The power of purposeful conversations led to some intriguing results:

 - Helping an established entrepreneur donate £30,000 to meaningful causes whilst learning to forgive and heal family conflict. 

 - Seeing a leader use compassion with his staff to increase revenue in his business by £700k whilst improving staff morale.

 - Seeing the coachees no longer feel the need to take medications for ADHD, depression, anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain. 

 - Seeing award-winning charity founders receive a letter from the Prime Minister for their groundbreaking work. 

Improve your clarity and confidence

Without a clear and confident vision of who you are and what you stand for, no amount of success will fulfil you. Become consistently happy through the process of self-discovery. 

Feel energized and purposeful

Research shows that High-Performers repeatedly have the vitality and endurance to succeed year in year out. This only happens due to a clear intention to focus on health. 

Create time to focus on what matters

A time millionaire is someone who claims back working hours to focus on leisure and family. Time is our greatest asset, it can be created through a shift in thinking. 

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6 Reasons We Struggle To Reach Our Highest Potential and Feel Fulfilled. 

Your guide to more joy, confidence, peace and freedom. 

Here are the benefits of coaching described by these CEOs

Nick - Property Entrepreneur

Before the coaching programme, I had a muddled approach to business and personal life, and I had little clarity of what made me successful; this allowed failures to creep in. This problem had been ongoing for 10 years. I loved how the coaching made the implicit explicit.
The programme was worth 1 million in terms of profits and money saved. I also significantly improved the relationship with my son which you can't put a price on - this was the most beneficial.

Dan - Recruitment CEO

Before coaching, I was stuck in a 14-year cycle of chronic underachievement and felt like I had not reached my potential. As I have an insatiable need for knowledge, I loved the fact the programme was different by how it intertwined science and high-performance. I've implemented 15 new positive daily habits and learnt to enjoy the ebbs and flows of life.
This has led me to experience increased compassion, joy, curiosity, optimism, achievement, happiness and clarity. Putting me back in the driver seat. I've halved my working hours whilst increasing productivity by 84%, losing 10kg and nearly doubled my energy. On top of everything, I have implemented a new training academy to inspire my staff.

James - Golf club owner

Over the last ten years, I've experienced challenges with my sense of purpose, clarity and energy. What I enjoyed was the flexible structure and the space to share openly. I now notice significantly increased compassion, empathy, focus, and this has allowed me to become more purposeful, intentional and productive.
This has saved me at least 1 hour per day and resulted in hundreds of thousands in increased turnover in 3 months. Most importantly, it's benefited my 30 staff and my loved ones and will continue to do so for years to come.

Jann - Clothing entrepreneur

Having suffered low self-worth the majority of my adult life, and lacked true focus, clarity, and intention for over a decade; I loved this programme because of its original approach, and that it was tailored to my own personal values and beliefs.
As a result of the programme, I massively reduced anxiety, hugely increased self-worth, and strengthened both personal and professional relationships. I feel that I know myself better than ever, love and approve of who I am, and am performing at a whole different level.
Over the course of the programme, I have improved my productivity 5 fold as I now focus on what truly matters. The most valuable benefit is that I am closer than ever to my daughter. You really can't put a price on this type of personal growth.


This is the world's first coaching programme to be based on the world's largest study of high-performers. 1.6 million data points from 190 countries.  

Select group

Only a select group of coaches are trained to use the novel certified high-performance process. This process has been used on celebrities, Fortune 50 CEOs and Olympic athletes. 

Satisfaction proven

The High-Performance Institute has data from over 70,000 recorded sessions ranked at 9.6/10. These sessions are based on a decade of data and therefore satisfaction proven. 

Executives notice greater compassion 

Paul - Senior Executive

In the past, I've struggled with fatigue, self-compassion and productivity in my personal life. I used to feel guilty about how I spent my time. Now I no longer feel I spend my time; I invest it
This programme was novel as it connected science with structure, consistency and group accountability. I now feel consistently happy in myself, increased productivity and confidence in my resilience. 
Through improved intention, I created an extra 10 hours per week. Above all, the coaching has helped not just me but my children also as I've been able to more present with them.

Jo - Finance executive

Prior to the coaching programme, I was impatient with others and had a more aggressive approach to managing staff. Through Nilesh's teaching, I now have a much more productive approach to achieving results through the management of people. I enjoy my work more, feel less stressed and I am just generally happier.
The programme has also given me the tools to create an additional 9 hours in the week to spend time on other areas of my life, and allowing me to perform better at work.

Ally - Social entrepreneur and doctor

Before I began coaching, I was far too in my head. I was sure I wanted to be successful, I had evidence that I could be successful, but I didn't have the mindset tools to make this an absolute.
I was reactive and not as calm as I would have liked. I loved the nurturing and REAL relationship I fostered with Coach, Nilesh. His communication skills and compassionate approach has been optimal for this journey of mindset growth.
I now have templates and structured approaches for when conflict arises, whether that is internal or external. I now know even more how important it is not to think in the conditional, but to be in the moment and present. I believe I have brilliant tools to help me thrive and would recommend Nilesh's course to everyone and anyone who has the curiosity and ambition to grow. 

Changes-makers notice improved focus, energy and clarity

Anisha - Pharmacist and podcaster

The months leading up to this coaching program were really tough: struggling with my energy, a dip in positivity, and a lack of clarity. I was still achieving a lot but unfortunately without focus or purpose.
I dedicated a lot of time to understanding who I am and who I want to become. This daily practice of reflection truly helped me to understand what my values are and the person I wanted to be. This practice alone guided me to increase my energy and boost my productivity and positivity.
started to believe in myself! I started changing my routine and found so much more time in my day to achieve my goals. I went from 0 hours of reflection to nearly 4-5 hours a week, 1-2 hours of movement per week to at least 5-6! I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without the group coaching and guidance from Nilesh! I loved every minute of the 12 weeks!

Lulu - Coach and doctor

For 5 + years, I struggled with self-belief, self-doubt and inconsistency. I loved the group as their accountability inspired my growth. I've improved focus, energy, clarity and sense of purpose. I formed routines and habits that have created extra 10hrs per week. What I've learnt in the programme has helped me show up with more presence and joy with my loved ones

Nirusa - Functional Medicine Clinic Founder

For the past 5 years, I struggled with fatigue, focus and attention. Before I did not believe I could live abundantly in both my professional and personal life. I loved the fact the coaching inspired me to shift my beliefs. Now I've noticed improved confidence, clarity, productivity and energy.
I've won back 6-8 hours per week as a result of rearranging my schedule. Best of all, I've strengthened important relationships in my life.

Rachel - Nutrition clinic founder

Before I started coaching with Nilesh, I was feeling overwhelmed about the direction of my life. I was struggling to commit to my own inner practice and to create autonomy in the relationship I was in. The coaching has given me focus and direction.
I've also realized how much I value my own personal growth and making that my priority so I can let go of recurring patterns and limiting beliefs. It's was amazing to have support between the sessions. I estimate the skills I learnt from coaching that I saved 20 hours per week

Sunjay - Health coach and podcaster

For a large part of my life, I've struggled with anxiety which limited my productivity. The group coaching was novel and exciting, which created a deeper level of accountability.
As a result of the coaching, I've had reduced anxiety, a greater sense of purpose and improved focus and clarity. I believe in myself more. Due to higher levels of intention, I've created an extra 10 hours per week. This has been most beneficial not just for me but for my nearest and dearest.

My coach

Annie Slowgrove - 

CEO Fearless Engagement and Master Coach

I met Nilesh when I was at a crossroads with my health and my personal and business performance.

I met Nilesh, in his professional capacity as a Medical Doctor. I was struck by his immense ability to ask great questions, how easily he engaged in a directed and compassionate manner; I began to feel
such a curiosity about this Medical Doctor.

I have been coaching Nilesh for the best part of a year, and I have such deep respect and admiration for him. I should say for those of you reading that I have been in the executive coaching space for over 30 years and have worked with businesses all over the world. Nilesh stands out to me on so many levels.
Nilesh is rare and able to provide incredible perspectives due to his unique blend of experience and knowledge. His hunger for learning and personal growth for himself means that he has exceptional levels of self-awareness and emotional intelligence that help him see beyond his behaviours right into your mindset and to the underlying causes of the results that you achieve. 

He puts himself in the coaching seat repeatedly to explore his own performance levels; how can I improve is his constant question to me.

He is just an incredibly compassionate soul who has a laser focus on helping his clients use their strengths to be the best person they can. I really cannot recommend Nilesh highly enough.
And finally… Nilesh, it is I that learn from you!

Dr Nilesh Satguru


A patient complaint, an unfulfilling medical system, family illness and a son with developmental challenges all led Nilesh to dedicate himself to self-mastery in order to serve others.

He is a high performance coach to award-winning charity founders, serial entrepreneurs, executives, authors, artists, podcasters and coaches. Nilesh helps them go beyond their best to become compassionate high-performers

He has had the pleasure of interviewing trailblazing compassionate change-makers with a total reach of half a million on Instagram alone. His work has been featured in ‘Entrepreneur’ magazine in addition to ‘Influencive’, ‘Brainz’ and ‘Disrupt’

Witnessing suffering in the NHS taught him the power of compassion and his work as a High Performance Coach taught him the value of a focused direction. 

In the world of medicine, Nilesh’s experience is diverse - he is certified in General Practice, Occupational Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine. He is a director for the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine, sat on the UK's sleep steering committee and is a multi-award winning medical teacher. Nilesh is uniquely qualified as currently the only certified High-Performance coach and Lifestyle Medicine doctor.

Nilesh lives in Hampshire with his wife and two children. He loves to connect with people, so be in touch via Instagram or Linkedin. 

Apply for a short connection call to see how we can help.

This is not a coaching call - it is purely designed to get to know one another and see learn more about one another. 

Download the guide

6 Reasons We Struggle To Reach Our Highest Potential and Feel Fulfilled. 

Your guide to more joy, confidence, peace and freedom.