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Believe In Growth is appreciated by wellness thought-leaders and over 200,000 people have watched Dr Satguru's videos. 

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Dr David Hamilton

Hay House Author and thought leader

5 stars

Nilesh’s videos always uplift me. He presents in a genuine and very human, compassionate, way so that we always learn about our potential, but feel like it’s ok to make mistakes along the way.

Dr Gemma Newman

Best-selling author, GP and thought leader. 

5 stars

The videos provide nuggets of inspiration and feel-good ways to improve my day.

Darryl Edwards

Author, Ted X speaker, Movement coach and thought leader

5 stars

Superb content, delivered with passion and integrity.

Learn science-backed strategies to help you...

Feel purposeful

Struggling to find your life's purpose? Why not start with a daily purpose? Understand the scientific benefits of purpose for your mind, body and soul.  

Stop inconsistency, fatigue and burnout

Ever feel worn out at the end of the day? Wouldn't it be nice if we could understand what drains our energy and what generates energy? 

Beat procrastination

Learn to own the day and win back time by adopting proven productivity strategies to give you a sense of autonomy. 

This video series challenges the way you think with...

Frameworks for transformation

The frameworks are created to be so simple to move you into action, yet they are based on deep, complex research. 

Stories of inspiration

Stories are essential to help us grow. Being encapsulated in a sensory experience activates our brain to move us towards change. 

Research-backed information

Without the data, we are guessing as to what's best for our personal growth. We are so lucky to live in this time period where we have access to high-quality information. We must use it for our growth. 


If you are reading this page, then it is likely you've already planted some seeds in the soil of personal growth. 

 You've read the books, listened to the podcasts and taken the courses, but the results haven't matched your expectations.

You may lack a clear purpose, feel frustrated by procrastination and inconsistency or feel drained of energy. 

You have seen results others are getting, and you know there's more. 

You believe that change is possible, that a more positive future awaits.  

You know there is another level in your relationships, career and health. 

The most important thing to remember is that your results are not because of you.

It's down to ineffective habits, systems and frameworks without an evidence base. 

This is empowering to know because, with training, you can change these habits.

How do I know this? Because the person I described was me. I was frustrated by a lack of purpose, procrastination, inconsistency, and I used to fall asleep on the sofa after a week of work. 

I started to see seismic shifts in my results when I invested in learning the habits, frameworks and strategies I will be sharing with you. 

If there is one thing that 10 years working as a medical doctor has taught me, it is that:

Science scales

Once I saw the data, I realised the only barrier to my personal growth was engagement. 

I started to bridge the gap between what is known in science and what I did in everyday life. 

The best result of all I've seen is the freedom to be fully present with my family without guilt whilst still feeling driven by a mission to serve others. 

Remember this...

No matter where you've been, where you are, or where you're going, you will work it out if you believe in growth. 

If what I've described sounds like what you want in the future, then join us now. 

If not, no problem - this training is not for everyone. 

I am extremely grateful to have worked with inspiring organisations:


Master coach and business owner

5 stars

As a business owner I am always looking for great content that gives me insight and to add value to what I do, both in life and business. I have benefited hugely from the videos in my quest for science-backed content around wellness with a specific view around wellness linked to high-performance. These videos have benefited both myself and my clients with whom I have shared them with. Especially in building inner calm to enable high performance. And they have!


Award-winning entrepreneur and medical doctor

5 stars

Nilesh can read my mind. His work is healing and poignant in every way. He extracts subjects that are often so intrinsic to the human condition, for instance exploring one’s insecurities with curiosity rather than fear, and gives you a safe, clear and compassionate framework to examine these areas to ultimately lead you to growth and greater wellbeing. Stick with this guy. He’s a modern-day guru.


Medical doctor and business owner. 

5 stars

I found Nilesh’s videos incredibly engaging and informative. Steeped in evidence-based nuggets of actionable information that help you organise your thoughts, prioritise your goals and achieve your dreams. Personally, the series has helped me appreciate others and connect with those around me whilst pushing forwards with my goals in parallel.


Award-winning doctor and medical entrepreneur

5 stars

I love the videos. They inspire me to set myself personal goals. They also remind me that life is a journey & that a positive mindset can totally transform the journey!


Fitness coach

5 stars

I love the positive affirmations, the deceptive simplicity of the messaging which makes them easy to process and even more importantly put into practice


Medical doctor and business owner

5 stars

Watching the videos has inspired me to keep going with my own goals as Nilesh is doing. Nilesh is a great role model for others who are going down a new journey

Hi, I'm Dr Nilesh Satguru

Sometimes our circumstances can make us feel stuck. 

I want to inspire you to Believe In Growth.

"No matter where you've been, where you are or where you are going, as long as you believe in growth, you will work it out."

I am a Certified High-Performance Coach, speaker and GP - I help compassionate entrepreneurs serve from their highest potential without sacrificing their freedom. 

Through my personal and professional struggles, I’ve learnt the importance of believing in a better future.

Three moments in my life were significant catalysts for transformation. Witnessing my father’s illnesses, my son’s developmental struggles, and leaving a GP partnership led me to dedicate myself to self-mastery to serve others.

I believe people’s lives can be transformed through the power of conversation.

I qualified from Southampton Medical school in 2011, and in the following 6 years, I was awarded 4 separate awards for my contribution to medical students.

I worked as a GP partner in Hampshire until 2019. I began to notice patient after patient not improving. I needed a different approach. I became curious about how some of my patients were optimising their health through lifestyle-based interventions. This led me to pursue my interest in Lifestyle Medicine.

In 2018, I became certified in Occupational Medicine, and in 2019 I became internationally certified in Lifestyle Medicine.

I feel honoured to be a director for the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine and sit on the UK’s national sleep steering committee.

Through my Lifestyle Medicine study, I noticed that knowing the science was not enough; I needed to understand behaviour if I wanted to help people.

I became fascinated with what drives us to make the decisions we make. I obsessively learnt about cognitive psychology, neurobiology, human connection, meaningful work and our spiritual purpose. 

In 2020, I completed a validated course in health coaching, a course through renowned online coaching platform Evercoach, and I was certified as a high-performance coach by the world's leading high-performance coach, according to Forbes.

In 2021, I received a BRAINZ CREAR global award for creative and innovative ideas and contributions to mental health projects.

I have enjoyed working with diverse people, including serial entrepreneurs, CEOs, FTSE 100 executives, and full-time mothers. 

After delving deep into my personal stories, I uncovered four foundational values which reflect who I am and what I stand for; compassion, openness, challenge and growth.

All my work aligns with these foundational values. Read my manifesto below.


Imagine a community that puts compassion and openness first and where growth and challenge combine to help people realise the strength of their inner connection. Where we question beliefs, make the goal growth and where differences become diversity. A community that empowers people to feel liberated, courageous, curious, engaged, self-responsible and joyful. 

A community that identifies with a deep love for humanity and human potential. One where we do not live in fear of unhelpful judgement, separateness or comparisons. In this community, we do not measure our egos; instead, we value a separation from ego. An understanding of oneness is what unites us. 

This community inspires the apathetic to feel motivated, the worried to feel purposeful, the ungrateful to feel loved and the disconnected to see their value

We inspire others by respectfully sharing knowledge and wisdom, spreading a message through all mediums - articles, blogs, podcasts, presentations, events and books.

This is a community where wellness, learning and creativity are engrained in the culture.

Let’s bring the science to personal growth, and the art to medicine - to inspire a community to “Believe In Growth”.

Get a 1-minute guide on the antidote for loneliness and weekly inspiration to help you grow exponentially and perform consistently. 

Believe In Growth is appreciated by wellness thought-leaders and over 200,000 people have watched Dr Satguru's videos. 

 Learn - Grow - Contribute

We value and respect your privacy and will keep your details safe.

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